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Kinected Compassion
Art Exhibit

Kinected's winter 2024 art exhibit theme is Compassion and is now showing through April. Come enjoy works of art inspiring compassion from dozens of San Antonio artists.

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Elaine Bornemeier
Art Curator

Elaine Bornemeier, originally hailing from Nebraska, found her artistic calling at a young age, and her passion for art has remained a constant throughout her life.

For Elaine, the process of creating art has always provided a profound sense of solace and tranquility. Upon relocating to Texas, this state's unique charm and energy rekindled her creative spirit, propelling her to embark on a fresh artistic journey. Her rediscovery of art became a heartfelt endeavor to reconnect with her true self.

Today, Elaine proudly serves as the Art Curator at Kinected Coworking, where she has the privilege of collaborating with fellow artists and sharing their exceptional creations with the public. For her, this role transcends mere employment; it's a labor of love. As she eloquently puts it, "It is the utmost honor when the artist is pleased with the display!"

Elaine's artwork predominantly revolves around portraying women from diverse backgrounds and environments.


She articulates her artistic vision by noting,


"All women in this world to me are sisters, strong, independent, resilient and loving. The sisters’ eyes are closed because you are seeing what they are thinking and feeling at that moment in the painting."

We warmly invite you to visit our space and immerse yourself in the beauty of the artwork on display!

Steven Smith

Kinected Artist

My art reflects people and places that catch my eye…the interesting composition of a scene, the play of light and shadows, intriguing figures, or the emotion evoked.  Many times, the basis for my paintings is a photograph as photography allows me to record what captures my attention.

When I take a photograph, I am visualizing the painting it may become. The painting is not a copy of the photo. The photograph is merely a starting or “jumping off” point. I combine this recorded moment with memories, experiences, imagination, and sketches to create the final work. I am interested in creating works that are visually strong with motion, emotion, and color. 

Whether through writing, music, or painting, artists are interpreting and sharing their inspiration. My inspiration is visual, and I share through my art what I cannot express through words or music. 

Steven G. Smith resides in San Antonio, Texas. He has exhibited his work for over 25 years and has work in private collections around the United States. His paintings of musicians have been published in 3 books about music. He created the artwork for the Jazz’SAlive festival and was honored as the 2018 San Antonio Art League and Museum’s Artist of the Year.

He has also illustrated 9 children’s books and 1 adult title on jazz, written by wife Sandy Smith.

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Greg Drew pic.jpg
Sherry M. Riggs pic (1).jpeg

Sherry M. Riggs

Kinected Artist

I have created art all of my life. Self-taught and formally studied art at University of Texas at San Antonio, where I received a BA in Fine Arts and Humanities. My works have been shown in juried art shows, public business settings, art galleries, Texas art league museums and commissioned pieces.  My main medium is oil on canvas but have created pieces in other mediums such as charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, conte and pencil. My style tends to be a touch of realism with a twist. 


My goal is to have the viewer relate and feel the movement of the artist in the paintings.  This combined with a strong passion for colors creates a unique style, bringing my pieces to life.

“My love to create art is all consuming. The desire to paint and create is deep in my soul.” - Sherry M. Riggs

Sherryrigs peace.jpg
sherryrigs rose.jpg
sherryrigs chello.jpg

Upcoming Classes

We have a variety of art classes each month, including daytime and evening (with dinner) sessions. Click through to visit our event page and reserve your spot!

Art For Sale

Come by the Kinected office and view over 250 works of art from 50+ local artists which are displayed around the campus to beautify our space. Not only does experiencing our Kinected workspace give you an art gallery feel, but you can even take home your favorite piece as most of the artwork being displayed is for sale!


Come visit us at the Kinected office or contact our curator, Elaine Bornemeier, at for more information about out artwork. 


You can also use the contact form to schedule a tour below.

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ADDRESS: 10401 W Interstate 10, SAN ANTONIO, TX, 78230


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