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Come experience Kinected's new art exhibit running from May- August 2024. All art listed below is on display and for sale. Click on a painting below to see it in its full expanded view.

Come see us or fill out the form below for more info.

Sylvia St Jean.jpg

Sylvia St Jean
Highlighted Artist

Sylvia has been painting for pleasure, and as a result of her ever-growing creative curiosity.


For her, there are always so many new creative ideas in which to explore and grow upon. With that being said, she is most intrigued in all she can accomplish within the scope of watercolor; and she subsequently teaches various cohorts of students- all of whom share this same interest.  That of course does not stop her from exploring other mediums such as ceramics, water media, collage, oil, calligraphy and fabric art.


When she’s not in her studio she enjoys working in her flower garden, spending time with friends or even playing with her dog, but most important to her - being with her family.

Fall Sylvia St Jean.jpg
Flight Training Sylvia St Jean.jpg
Do Not Disturb Sylvia St Jean.jpg

Octavio Quintanilla
Highlighted Artist

Octavio Quintanilla is the author of the poetry collections, If I Go Missing (Slough Press, 2014) & The Book of Wounded Sparrows (Texas Review Press, 2024). He is the founder and director of the literature & arts festival, VersoFrontera, publisher of Alabrava Press, and former Poet Laureate of San Antonio, TX. His Frontextos (visual poems) have been published and exhibited widely. He teaches Literature and Creative Writing at Our Lady of the Lake University. 



IG: @writeroctavioquintanilla  

Twitter: @OctQuintanilla  

Octavio Quintanilla.jpg
Snapshot of Sunlight Octavio Quintanilla.jpg
Octavio Quintanilla painting.jpg

Art For Sale

Elaine head shot.jpg

Elaine Bornemeier
Art Curator

Elaine Bornemeier, originally hailing from Nebraska, found her artistic calling at a young age, and her passion for art has remained a constant throughout her life.

For Elaine, the process of creating art has always provided a profound sense of solace and tranquility. Upon relocating to Texas, this state's unique charm and energy rekindled her creative spirit, propelling her to embark on a fresh artistic journey. Her rediscovery of art became a heartfelt endeavor to reconnect with her true self.

Today, Elaine proudly serves as the Art Curator at Kinected Coworking, where she has the privilege of collaborating with fellow artists and sharing their exceptional creations with the public. For her, this role transcends mere employment; it's a labor of love. As she eloquently puts it, "It is the utmost honor when the artist is pleased with the display!"

Elaine's artwork predominantly revolves around portraying women from diverse backgrounds and environments.


She articulates her artistic vision by noting,


"All women in this world to me are sisters, strong, independent, resilient and loving. The sisters’ eyes are closed because you are seeing what they are thinking and feeling at that moment in the painting."

We warmly invite you to visit our space and immerse yourself in the beauty of the artwork on display!

Upcoming Classes

We have a variety of art classes each month, including daytime and evening (with dinner) sessions. Click through to visit our event page and reserve your spot!

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ADDRESS: 10401 W Interstate 10, SAN ANTONIO, TX, 78230


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